Recent Tribunal Statistics

22 May 2019 Employment Tribunal Claims

According to recent Government Tribunal Statistics for the period October –December 2018, single claims receipts for Employment Tribunal was up 23% from 7,957 in 2017 to 2,911 in 2018.  Since the abolition of Employment Tribunal Fees in September 2017, there has been a huge spike in claims.

Unfortunately, this means that Tribunals are much slower than they were a few years ago when responding to claims and dealing with administration.  Although frustrating this is not the fault of the Tribunals as they are having to deal with such large volumes of work and the sudden increase in claims following the abolition of Tribunal fees.  It is not uncommon however for tribunals to be listing claims for some considerable time in the future, however, this does not affect whether your claim can be settled out of court.