No Win No Fee

We regularly act for clients on a no win no fee basis. Also known as a conditional fee agreement, it means you do not have to pay any solicitors costs upfront and at no financial risk to you. You only pay if your claim is successful.  

Our standard fee is 29.5% plus VAT (35% inclusive of VAT).  This means that if we achieve a successful outcome for you, you keep 65% of any damages either as a result of an out of court settlement or tribunal award. 

Occasionally there is a disbursement to pay, capped at £200 plus VAT if we are required to attend a preliminary hearing on your behalf or if your case is unusually complex.

If cases do not settle out of court prior to a final hearing, we would need to review the funding of your case to see whether we can represent you free of charge at the hearing.  

It may also be necessary to instruct a barrister for the hearing.  The average cost of a one-day hearing is £850-£2,500 plus VAT, depending on the experience of the barrister.  

If you have any queries about our no win no fee policy, please contact us

Other Funding Options

Agreed Fee

We will do our best to offer you a No Win No Fee Agreement however where prospects of success are less certain or in complex cases, it may be appropriate to offer an agreed fee.   

This is often more appealing to clients than charging an hourly rate for time spent on the case, where the final bill can potentially be unlimited.  

Depending on the nature of the case, our agreed fee rates range from £500 - £4,500 plus VAT.  Under an agreed fee we can deal with all aspects of the case up to but not including representation at the final hearing.

Insurance Cover

If you have the benefit of legal expenses insurance and your insurer has assessed the prospects of success as good (normally at least 51% prospect of success) your insurer may agree to cover some or all of your legal costs.  Under this arrangement you would be entitled to retain 100% of any damages.  If you have any queries concerning insurance cover, you should contact your insurer in the first instance and check your policy.  

Insurance normally covers the amount of hours a solicitor works on a case.  Disbursements such as barrister’s fees can also sometimes be covered under the policy.




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