22 May 2019 Employment Law
Unfair Dismissal The cap on unfair dismissal compensatory awards was increased from £83,682 to £86,444.

22 May 2019 Employment Tribunal Claims
According to recent Government Tribunal Statistics for the period October –December 2018, single claims receipts for Employment Tribunal was up 23% from 7,957 in 2017 to 2,911 in 2018.  Since the abolition of Employment Tribunal Fees in September 2017, there has been a huge spike in claims.

20 May 2019 Employment Law
In the recent case of Network Rail Infrastructure v Crawford, it was decided by the Court of Appeal that a break does not need to be uninterrupted. 

10 June 2019 TUPE Regulations
In the case of Hare Wines v Kaur,  the Court of Appeal determined that an employee had been automatically unfairly dismissed because of the impending TUPE transfer because she had a difficult relationship with someone who was to become the director of the company she was transferring to. 


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